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Cap Replacement
Chimney Cover/Cap Replacement

                            Cover/Cap Replacement

A high quality chimney cap is a necessity to insure the long term life of your chimney. Dirty Deeds recommends that your chimney flue be fitted with a stainless steel or copper chimney cap. In addition to regular caps, top mounted damper caps are also recommended replacements to your chimney’s damper system.
Chimney caps keep rodents and debris out of your chimney. Squirrels, raccoons, and small birds will nest in your chimney if pro-active steps are not taken. These visitors and their droppings carry disease that can be quite harmful to humans and pets, and their nests will prevent your fireplaces and/or furnace from drawing properly. This will force smoke and carbon monoxide back into your home. Most Memphis neighborhoods have tall trees, and organic debris can easily stop up your chimney flue. Rain and water can also do thousands of dollars of damage to your masonry work. Because brick and mortar chimneys are porous, the surface will absorb rainwater. A cap ensures that rain rolls away from the flue opening, against the waterproof crown, preventing collection and absorbtion into the chimney structure.
Chimney caps also act as spark arrestors. The same cap that keeps rain from falling into your flue will also catch any burning embers or sparks that are caught in the updraft of your fireplace. This floating fiery debris can cause damage to nearby structures like the roof, possibly leading to house fires. This is a possible risk in the event of a chimney fire, as flaming creosote and high flue temperatures can represent a threat to your home. Chimney caps can help contain and minimize the damage done by chimney fires.
Dirty Deeds Chimney Sweep installs only the highest quality chimney caps and dampers, and we guarantee all of our work. If you buy a cap from us and any anything EVER goes wrong with it, you're covered! A simple phone call is all that's necessary - we will come out to your home and take care of it!

Chimney Cover/Cap Replacement
Chimney/Flue Reline
Chimney/Flue Relining

         Chimney/Flue Relining
                      What's A Flue Liner?
Nearly all chimneys have a liner. Liners are the replaceable part of a chimney, and they serve a couple of necessary functions. The first is to contain and conduct the by-products of combustion to the outer atmosphere. A liner must be intact to get the exhaust out. The second function is to provide a layer of insulation to prevent heat transfer to nearby combustible surfaces.
Most chimneys are lined with terra cotta flue tiles. These are 2 foot long sections of clay pipe that started being installed as part of chimney code, back in 1905. But, we often find chimneys that were built in the 1920's with NO liners. If your chimney is unlined, or the terra cotta tiles are damaged, then it is time to install a new liner.
Call Dirty Deeds and schedule an inspection - we can discuss your options!!

Chimney/Flue Relining
Fireplace Maintenance & Inspection

Fireplace Maintenance | Cleaning | Inspection

Have you had your fireplace inspected this season? Experience shows us that it takes about one cord of wood burned in a fireplace to produce enough creosote build-up to warrant a cleaning. Under certain burning conditions the need for sweeping could be much sooner.
Maintenance is key to reducing fire hazards, and the most important fireplace and chimney maintenance task is scheduling an appointment with Dirty Deeds once a year for us to clean and inspect your fireplace. Our professional service will reduce your risk for chimney fires because we will ensure the complete removal of the highly flammable creosote from the inside of your chimney. Buildup can cause chimney fires, which can lead to other devastating consequences. We will also reduce your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by inspecting your chimney for any blockages and other damage.

Fireplace Maintenance and Cleaning | Inspection
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